Safety Tips

Don’t Forget

To have the maximum enjoyment, we also need to make sure that everyone participating is kept safe and healthy.

So, here are some things to consider.


Venues and accessiblity

We imagine many in-person events will be held in community village halls where the important aspects of holding a public event will have been covered by the hall management.

In addition here is a handy guide on access with lots of useful information:


Public event insurance information can be found at:

Plan with COVID-19 in mind

Check on the government guidelines

Consider holding an outdoor event in a park or community garden


And/ or put your event online

Online Streaming Information:

Or you can join our Climate Fèis Highland-wide platform. Details to be confirmed later.

For a further chat contact:


The responsibility of organising the event rests with you. The Climate Fèis facilitators will simply be adding your event to the overall calendar