This is a shout out to Seall!

Please check out Seall’s Summer Programme (see online link below)

Alastair McIntosh has agreed to spare a few moments chat with Trish this afternoon ahead of the evening event to discuss Climate change.

Wednesday 11 August 7.30pm

“MAOILIOS CAIMBEUL ALASTAIR MCINTOSH with guests Iain MacKinnon and Catherine Macphee “And so Somersault” is Myles Campbell’s remarkable Gaelic poem about a night away in the faerie hill. “You will accept it/ accept the flood….” This unique event launches the first English translation, side-by-side with the Gaelic. Some of the poem will be read in both languages and the writer Alastair McIntosh will engage Myles in a most unlikely conversation: about faerie and imagination, the second sight, meeting his wife and coming to faith in the Free Church. They will also be joined by two younger Skye tradition bearers: the Skye and Lochalsh archivist Catherine MacPhee, and the scholar Iain MacKinnon, to reflect on the future and importance of tradition in the Hebrides.”